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Our Core Values

We all have a set of values that guides us and ultimately dictates who we are.  Here are our 8 Core Values.


Passion is the heart and soul of our team. We are truly PASSIONATE and PROUD of what we do, because we know that we are so much more than a moving company. We're in the PEOPLE business just as much as we are the household moving business. We get to connect with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. What's even more rewarding is the opportunity to help those in our community by making an otherwise stressful household move FUN and EASY. Our passion is contagious, and it immediately shows through to anyone who has the pleasure of working with our Madison and Milwaukee movers.


We are GOOD people with a strong moral compass. We always do what's right, and we truly CARE about our clients, their belongings, and their experience with us. We've found that if you treat people well, success and growth will follow. 


We are UTMOST professionals at all times. Our Madison and Milwaukee movers are clean-cut, articulate, and knowledgeable. We are fully uniformed at all times. Our moving trucks are clean and organized, inside and out. We stick to the process and stay on task to ensure an efficient, easy household move.


We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work. If we make a mistake, we immediately and proactively take responsibility, and we ALWAYS make it right. We hold ourselves to Badger Brothers Moving expectations and values. We question any actions inconsistent with our values, because we're a team and we're all responsible for value consistency. 


We know that moving is already stressful, so we have no room for negative attitudes. Everyone on our team has a tirelessly positive attitude that simply cannot be broken. This includes interactions with both customers and co-workers. We all have tough days, but the leaders on this team will always see the bright side, and inspire others to make the best of any situation.

We ALWAYS do the right thing, and we do it with an unwaveringly positive attitude!


Our employees aren't here to simply collect a paycheck. Our staff aspires to greatness at all levels of the organization. Everyone cares deeply about contributing to a culture of greatness, building a great company, and providing a great service to our clients.


Badger Brothers Moving is resolute in its pursuit of growth. We're bound and determined to achieve personal and professional growth. Everyone on the team has a burning desire to improve, innovate, and serve more customers. Each year, we strive to be a better company than we were the previous year. We hire great people and build great processes. We aren't shy about our Mission & Vision for the future, and we share these all the way to the front line. We want to build a scalable business that fills a need, provides the BEST service, holds our competitors to a higher standard, and has locations all over Wisconsin (and beyond!). How's that for a goal worth fighting for?


We have FUN on the job while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Our Madison and Milwaukee movers are friendly and approachable on the job, and we LOVE connecting and building a rapport with our clients. We always have a positive attitude with clients and co-workers. Our enthusiasm and good spirit sets the stage for a fun, stress-free household move. 

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