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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I had a bad experience with my last moving company, so I'm weary to hire movers. What makes you different?


A: We started Badger Brothers Moving to truly break the mold and provide a better Madison house moving service. We believe that great people make great movers. Our friendly, well-spoken, intelligent Madison movers understand that the level of customer service they provide is just as important as the moving service that they provide for our customers.


Q: Are you bonded and insured?


A: Yes, our moving company is fully bonded and insured up to 2 million dollars.

Q: What happens if something is damaged or broken?


A: In the very unlikely event that something is broken during your move, you can rest assured knowing that you are fully covered. Our first solution is always to repair the item. If a repair is not possible, the item will be replaced at it's current value with depreciation (depending on age). Damage MUST be reported to the office via email or phone within 48 hours. (We can't be liable if your toddler tips a lamp over a week after your move.)



Q: What happens if you go over the estimate?


A: We provide every customer with an estimate of time needed to complete the move for informational and rough budgeting purposes. Please note this is just an estimate and you will be billed based on the actual amount of time spent moving and in transit, whether that is higher or lower than our original estimate. Every house and apartment is different, and there are a multitude of factors that can affect how much time is required to complete a move. You can rest assured knowing our Madison movers will work their hardest to complete the move in the shortest amount of time possible.



Q: My last moving company had several hidden fees for things like stairs, use of equipment, and insurance coverage. Do you have any additional or hidden fees?


A: Absolutely not. Our customers appreciate our simple, up front billing structure. One hourly rate covers virtually all costs of the move -  a full size moving truck and mileage, fuel, all necessary moving equipment, professional movers, and padding/protection for your belongings. Specialty moving services such as overnight storage and long distance moves may come with additional fees.

Q: Where will you park the truck? Does parking need to be reserved?


A: We will always park the truck as close to the entrance as possible. If you have free parking available (private driveway or parking lot), this is very easy. If there is only metered or non-metered public city parking available, we HIGHLY recommend reserving parking spots with the City of Madison. They will give you meter bags to reserve metered parking spots or small signs to reserve non-metered parking spots. We need about 40 feet of parking to accommodate the truck with the ramp pulled out. Also note that Moving companies are not allowed to reserve parking, so you will need to contact the city to make arrangements. If parking is not reserved, we'll park as close as we can. If we're forced to park down the street or several parking spots away, this will significantly increase labor time. 

Q: Do you sell packing supplies?


A: We do not sell packing supplies in a retail setting, but we CAN bring boxes & packing supplies if you decide to have us take care of the packing as well as the move. In this case, we provide unlimited medium & large boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape all at a fixed flat rate based on the size of your home. We can provide specialty items such as wardrobe boxes and mattress bags upon request for an additional charge, but these are NOT included by default. Also note that we only carry boxes and packing materials for reservations that specifically include packing. 



Q: Do you move pianos?


A: We refer pianos to our exclusive piano moving partner - a company that moves nothing but pianos and is well equipped to take utmost care of your instrument. Contact us for details.

Q: Do you move pool tables?

A: We refer pool tables to our exclusive pool table moving partner - a company that moves nothing but pool tables and is well equipped to take utmost care of your table. Contact us for details.

Q: Do you move large safes or gun safes?

A:We can move most safes under 300lbs at no extra cost. We can move gun safes between 300-500lbs for an additional fee as long as the safe is NOT being moved up or down any flights of stairs containing 3 or more stairs. We do not move any safes over 500lbs. 

Q: Do you move computers and/or high-end electronics?

A: Yes. We do however recommend putting any laptops, desktops, or any other expensive electronics in your own vehicle. It can be a bumpy drive in a 26ft moving truck, and the suspension is likely softer/smoother in your car. Ultimately it is up to you whether or not you take this precaution. We can't be responsible for internal damage that could happen to electronics in transit due to normal vibrations or bumps in the road.


Q: Will you disconnect and/or reconnect my appliances?

A: No, we do not specialize in appliance installation. You should have these disconnected prior to our arrival. Examples include washer/dryer, refrigerator water lines, mounted televisions, etc.

Q: Are special arrangements needed for my washer and/or dryer?

A: Ideally the drum should be removed or properly mounted/secured in your washer and/or dryer, especially for front-load machines. You will likely need to hire a plumber to do this for you. However we do move these appliances almost daily without issue. Ultimately it is up to you whether or not you take this precaution. We can't be responsible for internal damage that could happen to appliances or electronics in transit due to vibrations or bumps in the road.

Q: Do you charge for travel time?


A: Yes, this is an industry standard. You are billed from the time the truck leaves our lot until the time that it returns to our lot. 



Q: I have a large piece of furniture that the last movers had to force through a doorway in order for it to fit. Will you do this with my permission?


A: No. We will not under any circumstances force any piece of furniture through a doorway or passageway through which it does not fit (even with your permission) to avoid injury or damage to your belongings/property. If it does not fit, it does not fit.



Q: Can the movers accept tips and gratuities?


A: Absolutely. This is very common, and our movers greatly appreciate it after a long day of hard work. 



Q: How do you protect my furniture and appliances?


A: We wrap every piece of furniture with furniture pads and shrink wrap to make sure that it travels safely. You can rest assured knowing your furniture will be in exactly the same condition after the big move.



Q: Should I empty my dresser drawers?


A: Yes, the contents of your dressers should be packed into boxes, bags, or suit cases. 

Q: What happens in the event of rain or inclement weather?


A: Poor weather can surely complicate a move, but you can rest assured knowing we'll make the  best of the situation! If the move can be rescheduled, we are happy to do so. If the move cannot be rescheduled, we'll take every possible precaution to keep your belongings and your home safe and dry. Just keep in mind that poor weather does slow things down a bit. Also keep in mind that we will need to "wait it out" inside the home in the event of lightning or torrential rain. 



Q: Do you require a deposit? Do I have to fill out an inventory spreadsheet or sign a contract?


A: No. Scheduling your move with Badger Brothers Moving is easy. We do ask that you fill out our brief online form, but there is no need to fill out an exhaustive spreadsheet, there is no contract, and a deposit is not required to schedule your move. Payment is due in full upon completion of your move. 

Q: Are there any items you don't move?


A: We do not move pianos, pool tables, gun safes, ATVs, mopeds, motorcycles, flammables, firearms, lawn tractors, propane or gas tanks (even empty), or any other fire/explosion/chemical hazard. This list is not exhaustive. If in doubt, please ask. 

Q: How big are you trucks?


A: Our entire fleet consists of full-size 26’ box trucks. We can typically fit the contents of a home up to 2,000-2,500 square feet in one truck load. Please note that every house is different, so we can never guarantee that everything will fit in one 26’ truck load. If everything does not fit in one load, we are happy to make a second trip. There are no additional fees for extra trips, although this will add time at our normal hourly rate. If you want to be certain that we complete your move in ONE trip due to drive time, distance, or overnight storage needs, we can send additional crews/trucks for an additional charge upon request subject to availability. You might also consider having a truck rental on site to use for backup space as needed if you’re on a budget.



Other questions? Give us a call or send us a message any time!

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